Ryan B Campbell

Tejeda Cartel Enforcer


Ryan Campbell is a former US Marine who served in Force Recon. He cut his teeth in clandestine ops in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan, fighting terrorist cells that the Pakistani government wouldn’t admit existed. He excelled in combat, but once his tour was over, he ran into lots of trouble back home. The peaceful suburban life was too boring, and it didn’t take long before he was getting into trouble. It started as drunken barfights, but quickly escalated.

During a short stint in a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, Campbell met up with some drug smugglers. They needed security, and Campbell needed something more entertaining than working security at local businesses.

Currently, he trains soldiers for the Tejeda Cartel. The cartels have improved dramatically from the days when they were undisciplined thugs firing from the hip; security teams are now trained professionals who use automatic weapons and fire and maneuver tactics to pin down and neutralize threats.

Campbell has been hard to catch primarily because he does not go out on missions very often. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ryan B Campbell

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