Ibram Cavazzos

Camarillo Soldier


Ibram Cavazzos was a Captain in the Mexican Army, Special Forces, Rapid Intervention Force group. It is believed that he was compromised while still a Lieutenant. His unit was tasked with interdiction of cartel assets; particularly vehicles and locations critical to the drug trade.

6 years ago, the Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional (CISEN) began to suspect that someone in Ibram’s unit was feeding information to the Camarillo cartel; warehouses were emptied right before they were seized, vehicles contained no cargo.

The CISEN set up a sting. Specific information was leaked to particular officers. Every leak was unique, so if a particular cartel safehouse was evacuated, the CISEN would know how spread the information. Cavazzos didn’t realize he had been set up until after he notified the cartel. He was able to call for help before he was arrested, and cartel soldiers staged a daring rescue by assaulting the convoy carrying Cavazzos. He has worked for the Camarillo cartel ever since; training their assault teams and performing counter-intelligence work.

Ibram Cavazzos

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